examples of my work

This page can help give you examples of the type things I work on and how I can solve your QA challenges.  If you have a Quality Assurance need and are looking for an expert or have any questions about my example work please contact me.

– krypton –

interviewing process

Here are some examples of the interview process I use during a face-to-face interview to determine technical ability, work ethic, soft skills and other traits.  There also needs to be a determination if this person will work well with the existing team.

Interview process usually has this format:

  • Basic interview questions (examples, not complete list)
    • What is the difference between Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance?
    • What part do you like the most about QA work?
    • What part do you like the least about QA work?
    • Ask several “How would you handle this situation” questions designed to evaluate the candidate’s ability to diagnose and respond to situations.
  • Problem solving questions done independently, for example:
  • Problem solving questions done interactively, for example:
    • Vending Machine – this question I use in different ways depending on the amount of experience of the person being interviewed.  The more experience the individual has the more I expect that answer be focused on organization and prioritization of different components.  Extra consideration to those who speak of delegation if they are interviewing for a team lead type position.  The more junior the employee the more I expect the answer to be a completely linear train of thought.

At the end I give the candidate an opportunity to ask the interview team questions.  Usually these questions focus on experience levels of the team, team size, team dynamics, company history, etc.

test automation


My experience with Jenkins includes installing, setup, plug-in installation, plug-in configuration & management, node creation and management (Linux & Windows), job creation and custom Jenkinsfiles for automation.

I have created an example Jenkinsfile that creates a simple Jenkins pipeline as an example of my work.


My experience with Postman includes installing, setup, setting up environment definitions, setting up variables on all levels (environment, collection) and writing tests in Javascript on all levels (collection, folder, individual).

I have created an example test collection that runs a series of requests and tests against the fake online REST API server https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/ as an example of my work.


My experience with Selenium libraries is mostly focused in Python but I have written tests in C# as well.  Code has been written to test this website and examples can be found below:
In addition, the current test status is displayed on the home page and many other pages.

test data standards

In many companies test data standards are overlooked.  As a result, QA engineers often, with the best intentions, create inaccurate, unstable and in the long term unusable test data because they do not adhere to strict standards.  Their test data may also violate security policies (i.e. using their own email address or credit card number).

Here are some examples of test data standards I apply:

random first name generator

Use a random name generator for first names.  http://listofrandomnames.com/

use colors for last names

Color names occasionally merge with common last names, but the use is relatively safe.  A good resource for common color names is the Wikipedia page for Crayola crayons.

movie/TV/literature businesses as fictional customer names

Avoid using real customer names and instead use fictional businesses from movies, TV and literature.  Make a list and use it internally.  This can be a fun request made to employees.

use ICANN approved test domains

ICANN has reserved some example domains for use in testing.  These can never be purchased and thus are safe.  This includes:

  • example.com
  • example.net
  • example.org
  • example.edu

These can be used for testing and documentation purposes.  They can also be used as domain extensions in email addresses.

telephone number range

It’s commonly known the area code 555 is used for fictional usage, but the number range is actually limited to 555-0100 through 555-0199.  This phone number range is the only ones that should be used.