technical examples of my work

This page gives some technical examples of my QA work.  This and other example pages (please browse the entire menu) show how I can solve your QA challenges and provide leadership for your team. If you have a Quality Assurance need and in search of an expert or have any questions about abilities please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m also available to speak on a variety of Quality Assurance topics at technical conferences.

– krypton –

test automation


My experience with Jenkins includes installing, setup, plug-in installation, plug-in configuration & management, node creation and management (Linux & Windows), job creation and custom Jenkinsfiles for automation.

I have created an example Jenkinsfile that creates a simple Jenkins pipeline as an example of my work.

Jenkins is also a great starting point for gathering statistics and displaying KPIs.  It can run a variety of frameworks including things built with Postman, code written to use the Selenium libraries or anything proprietary built from the ground up.


My experience with Postman includes installing, setup, setting up environment definitions, setting up variables on all levels (like environment or collection), and writing tests in Javascript on all levels (collection, folder, individual), saving them to a GIT repository and running it in Jenkins.  I have created an example test collection that runs a series of requests and tests against the fake online REST API server as an example of my work.


My experience with Selenium libraries is mostly focused in Python but I have written tests in C# as well. 

Here is an example of a selenium function extension written in C#. It is a good practice to extend the basic selenium browser interactions to standardize logging, error handling and simplify the testing process when combining with a unit test framework.

test data for automation

Please see the detailed page I wrote up about test data standards for my thoughts on this subject.