Here are some examples of the interview process I use during a face-to-face interview to determine technical ability, work ethic, soft skills and other traits.  There also needs to be a determination if this person will work well with the existing team.

The interview process usually has the following format:

Basic interview questions (examples, not complete list)

  • What is the difference between Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance?
  • What part do you like the most about QA work?
  • What part do you like the least about QA work?
  • Ask several “How would you handle this situation” questions designed to evaluate the candidate’s ability to diagnose and respond to situations.

Problem solving questions done independently, for example:

Problem solving questions done interactively, for example:

  • Vending Machine – this question I use in different ways depending on the amount of experience of the person being interviewed.  The more experience the individual has the more I expect that answer be focused on organization and prioritization of different components.  Extra consideration to those who speak of delegation if they are interviewing for a team lead type position.  The more junior the employee the more I expect the answer to be a completely linear train of thought.

At the end I give the candidate an opportunity to ask the interview team questions.  Usually these questions focus on experience levels of the team, team size, team dynamics, company history, etc.