Pennant Bunting Project

I like to make pennant bunting for decorating during the various holidays.  The bunting can be themed to any specific holiday you wish.  This posting includes materials, tools, instructions and photos.  If you have any questions please contact me (contact page has all the information)


  • fabric(s) of your choice, usually cotton or cotton blends for indoors and oilcloth for outdoor in enough yards to make enough triangle shapes
  • thread in the appropriate color(s) based on fabric choices
  • extra wide double fold bias tape in your color choice
  • 8.5″x11″ paper
  • 8.5″x11″ card-stock paper (heavier weight)


  • scissors
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • sewing machine
  • pencil
  • steam iron
  • ironing board


creating a template

  1. Start off by creating a triangle template.  Fold a sheet of paper lengthwise in half.  Use a ruler to create a triangle shape with the fold line representing the center of the triangle.  Cut the triangle out keeping the lines as straight as possible.  Keep experimenting until you have a triangle shape/size that you like. 
  2. Create the card-stock template triangle from the paper template.  Having a heavier weight template will help when cutting the fabric.

plan out the design

Take the time now to plan out the length of your bunting so you can decide how many triangles to create and how many of each color/design you want (assuming that you are using multiple styles of fabric).
If you want to be able to hang the bunting it is recommended to sew loops on either end before attaching all the pennants.

creating pennants

  1. Fold the fabric right sides facing each other, wrong sides out.  You will cut two triangles at once.
  2. Lay the card-stock template on your fabric and use the rotary cutter to cut out the triangle shape.
  3. Pin the triangles together to prevent sliding while sewing.
  4. Sew the two longer sides of the triangle at a quarter inch (1/4″) seam allowance leaving the top open.
  5. Trim the excess fabric away from the tip of the triangle.
  6. Turn right side out and use a knitting needle or other long object to help with the tip of the triangle.
  7. Press triangle flat.

Repeat the above section until you have the number of triangles in the various colors you want. 

attach pennants to bias tape (finishing)

  1. Open the bias tape, position the triangle and then pin the bias tape and the triangle so that the tape sandwiches the pennant.
  2. Repeat the above step until all triangles are pinned to the bias tape.
  3. Sew the bias tape and the triangles together by running one stitch the entire length.