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Page last updated: Thu, Jan, 25 2024 @ 12:32:02 UTC

Various main dishes with different levels of prep time. Weeknight dishes include the icon in the title.


Swiss Chicken with Condensed Soup

This is a simple chicken dish that changes based on the selected condensed soup. Vegetable paring is flexible given different tastes and the soup selection.

Hamburger Pie

This is a comfort food style dish from my childhood. Many memories of having this for dinner after spending the day skiing in New York. It's easy to prepare which makes it a great weeknight dish. It reheats great which makes the leftovers great for lunches.

Coming Soon!

Easy Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Using a box of KRAFT MAC & CHEESE as a starter, this twist adds a vegetable and butter subsitute.

New Recipe

Tomato Soup

This soup recipe works great for meal prep because of how much it makes. Pair it with your favorite sandwhich, preferrably a grilled cheese!