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Page last updated: Tue, Jul, 4 2023 @ 2:25:07 UTC

Various main dishes with different levels of prep time. Weeknight dishes include the icon in the title.


Swiss Chicken with Condensed Soup

This is a simple chicken dish that changes based on the selected condensed soup. Vegetable paring is flexible given different tastes and the soup selection. The level of cheesiness varies with the thickness of the slices.

Hamburger Pie

This is a comfort food style dish from my childhood. Many memories of having this for dinner after spending the day skiing in New York. Because it's easy to prepare and reheats well it's a great weeknight dish with leftovers for lunches.

New Recipe

Tomato Soup

This soup recipe works great for meal prep because of how much it makes. Pair it with your favorite sandwhich, preferrably a grilled cheese!